How nofap is beginning to feel like

Nofap no music and video games and TV & Movies no junk Food or no drinks no drugs no tasty food no wasting time on Facebook , Twitter or YouTube Because that does count as TV , just lots of excercise , read more books and take cold showers and live like a buddhist monk and no pleasures to be partaken of in anyway shape or form , not if you want your man package back in working order . Dopamine receptors be set for as low as possible and must have as little use as possible , just enough to get by .

A theory of why teens hate music of their parents 

Why teenagers hate the music that their parents listen to. Teens hear a lot of radio friendly middle of the road pop music and they see the kind of adults who are listening to it so it is automatically deemed as uncool and in some cases lame but as they get older some can distance the music from the people and still enjoy some of it . Certain artists will remain hated all the way through the now teens life & others they will see are pretty decent & have made some good , interesting music

The behaviour and intentions of a true Psychopath. This document is based on someone who I knew for nearly a year and a half (I was the vulnerable, naive commodity) I am not mentioning any names as that could get me into a lot of trouble if the psychopath ever reads this. Psychopath’s will try and befriend someone who they feel that they gel with and who they think almost matches their intelligence. In their eyes though they will never exactly be on the same level as them due to their very high self worth they hold themselves in. After a few meetings with this friend the new person in their life will start having alarm bells ringing in their heads over certain things that this psychopath says or does because they will be on their best behaviour during their meetings and so they will not show who they really are but eventually will be telltale signs and so eventually that person will begin to make excuses not to see that other psycho person or they will disagree with something that the new friend has said and forever hold it against them and will say horrible things about the person and hate them with a vengeance . It will not take very long for the person though to suss out the psycho before it’s too late for them, then when this person is no longer a friend that’s when they’ll move onto someone else: Someone more naive be it an adult with a learning disability or a much younger person preferably female because they see girls as being much easier to manipulate and control. They will use whatever works for them to control and manipulate the individual and convince them that their beliefs and ways of doing everything are the only right ways and first it starts that the new friends only meet every so often and they will reel them in bit by bit and try to come off as really nice and once they have the trust of the less advantaged person they will do little things it starts off with the littlest of things that they try to do to them it is first something as little as correcting them and timing them then later get’s to much bigger things but will get to those later. Gradually the time spent with the vulnerable person increases and increases and eventually is with them so much they are only one step away from actually living together and the psychopath will be VERY persuasive with influencing that person’s views, decisions and general lifestyle will eventually HAVE to meet with theirs in every way. The Psychopath will begin to have small outbursts over small things that don’t go their way and when the friend does something that the psychopath doesn’t agree with. They will begin to take against the people who are in the vulnerable person’s life such as friends, family members or work colleagues and will try to convince them that these people are no good for them and they don’t need them and that whatever these people do for them / give them / make them feel the psychopath will insist that they can give the other person that and better and will try really hard to make them fall out with other friends, family members and acquaintances. They will do favours for the vulnerable / naive person just so that the friend who has more than definitely become a commodity at this point is forever in their debt with them and when the naive friend does something they disagree with or don’t like they will keep forcefully reminding their commodity about that good deed that they did for them and guilt trip them into doing what they want. They will make strong demands of the other person until they feel guilty enough to give in and do what the psychopath is demanding and the more time that goes on the harsher the demands will get. When out in public they are overly polite and courteous towards other people they hardly know, to the point of being totally condescending towards them. They will go as far as doing them small favours for those people so that they will think this person is absolutely wonderful and can do no wrong, but behind their backs the psychopath is very unpleasant about those people and makes very nasty digs at the persons intelligence or will be rude about another person in that other persons circle but those very people already think that he is wonderful and you’ll have a very difficult time convincing them of what the psychopath is really like , they will unfortunately have to find that out for themselves . He has successfully managed to fool these people with his superficial, fake charm. When these negative so called out of character outbursts do begin to happen in public it’s only them which the psycho will quickly have to do something fast to redeem himself and it’s usually by being even more unbelievably superficially nice and going back to his usual fake well spoken self but a much more exaggerated version to cover up for the outburst, but as time goes on the outbursts become a lot more frequent. They can begin to happen in public places around the very people who originally thought they were such a lovely man in the first place but has shown his true colours for the first time and so will start questioning and realising there’s something I don’t like about this man but only a couple of those people will see it and the rest of the public who have been fooled by his charm still need to find out for themselves what he’s like. The Psychopath will often have a massive ego and as a result will be very self obsessed and if the vulnerable person has any other friends as well as the psychopath then they will press the vulnerable person to try and pry information out of them about what others in the vulnerable commodity’s company may have said about them and will make them feel very uncomfortable until they cave in and spill. The psycho will then start behaving very strangely and then will start thinking and coming up with ways to make the other person pay for what they have been saying and will enlist that the vulnerable person be an accomplice in getting revenge on the person who has spoken ill of them . Psychopaths often dislike others with a lot of power and authority as they feel it takes away some of their power and they’re less important than those with any actual power and so they strongly resent them for it. They will try really hard to change and mould that person into another version of themselves bit by bit from the beginning of the time the friendship is forged and will get more and more intense and strict with the vulnerable person which means them dropping all interests that don’t meet the approval of the psycho, dropping contact with all other friends and family members so that they can have their little commodity all to them self so that means breaking contact with parents, siblings, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, Friends and work colleagues if they work and if they do they’ll enforce that they just go to their job and only communicate with anyone when absolutely necessary with very minimal contact so eventually it is just the psychopath and their vulnerable commodity which is what they want .If and when the vulnerable person wakes up and realises that they can’t go on like this anymore because they feel like they’re in prison they tell the psychopath that they feel they can’t be controlled anymore and don’t believe in the things that the psychopath does and can’t stand most of the rules imposed on them by the psycho he will realise that he has failed and that that year and a half has been a complete waste of time because the psychopath hasn’t been successful in brainwashing that person they will immediately take against them and will make it screamingly obvious to others who knew the pair as friends that they can no longer stand this person and they hate them and sometimes if encountering with that ex commodity will act in a very hostile manner towards them and start and start making threats of physical violence towards them even in some case going as far as carrying their threats out . Either way they are a very nasty piece of work and should be avoided at all cost.

Food and drink police in The UK have gone too far. 

I have had it with British food & drink . It has got to the point where I’m having to purchase my fizzy pop / soda from either American , Asian or Polish grocery stores because their drinks have not been ruined by that awful nasty artificial sweetener known as aspartame that has just completley invaded and destroyed the majority of UK sodas and the ones that haven’t been fucked with by this poisoness shit are nearly impossible to get hold of . Nearly every pop I come across that’s manufactured by Britvic soft drinks and even some by the Co Ca cola brand have been wrecked by the use of that nasty sweetener and as well as it making them totally undrinkable it has also made them a lot worse and regular sugar is proven to be safer than that fake chemical .I am a fucking adult so when I want sugar in my pop or my yoghurt or anything else for that matter I should have the direct freedom to and not some disgusting fake alternative that leaves an even nastier after taste in my mouth and I do not need some over controlling piss suckling cunt from the government or any related officials from the UK food standards telling me what I can & can’t eat, Fuck the UK and Fuck the uk food and drink standards I will be continuing to purchase my sodas from foreign grocery stores / Supermarkets.